Windows Setup

Recommended Windows versions

  • Windows AME - Hardened Windows 10 Professional without tracking
  • Windows 10 LTSC 2019 - for those who prefer pure Windows

Guides and tips

How to move Users folder to another drive


How to install Scoop to a custom directory:

[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable('SCOOP', $env:SCOOP, 'User')
[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable('SCOOP_GLOBAL', $env:SCOOP_GLOBAL, 'Machine')
iwr -useb | iex

Note: Scoop applications are portable and can't display popup notifications in Windows

Scoop Direcrory - a directory of buckets

Official buckets:

  • main
  • extras
  • games
  • java
  • nirsoft


scoop bucket add main

scoop bucket add extras

scoop bucket add games

scoop bucket add java

scoop bucket add nirsoft

Unofficial buckets:

  • Ash258 - scoop bucket add Ash258 ''
  • Dorado - scoop bucket add dorado
  • GOG Galaxy integrations - scoop bucket add galaxy-integrations


  • 7zip - 7-Zip archiver
  • bleachbit - FOSS alternative to CCleaner
  • bulk-crap-uninstaller - FOSS uninstaller
  • compactgui - proprietary GUI for Compact.exe
  • ddu - utility to fully uninstall video and sound drivers, helps to reinstall drivers from scratch and fix driver issues
  • dnsjumper - utility to select DNS servers
  • easyserviceoptimizer - quickly disable useless services in Windows
  • ffmpeg - video codec
  • GameSaveManager - game savefiels managemeng, symlinking and backup
  • irfanview - image viewer
  • joplin - opensource note taking app with cloud sync and end-to-end encryption
  • megasync - cloud app
  • multimc - MultiMC Minecraft launcher
  • mpv - multimedia player
  • mumble - Mumble VoIP for gaming
  • nvidia-profile-inspector - NVIDIA profiles advanced settings manager
  • onlyoffice-desktopeditors - office suite, alternative to Microsoft Office
  • openhardwaremonitor - monitor hardware sensors and frequencies
  • playnite - game library manager with one simple goal: To provide a unified interface for all of your games
  • processhacker - advanced process manager with built-in dll injector
  • quickcpu - tool to unpark CPU and improve performance
  • ReduceMemory - clean RAM in one click
  • reshade - external shader injector for games
  • rufus - write ISO images to USB drives
  • scoop-completion - automatic completion for scoop
  • screentogif - lightweight screen recorder
  • shadowsocks - Shadowsocks client
  • sharpkeys - Utility desigend to rebind keys, allows to swap Ctrl and CapsLock f. e.
  • shutup10 - simple tool to disable telemetry and tracking in Windows 10 (certified by Microsoft)
  • snappy-driver-installer-origin - automated hardware detection and driver installation
  • speedtest-cli - simple cli client
  • speedyfox - vacuum browsers databases, clear cache, speed up browser startup
  • SteamCleaner - Find and delete unused Steam installers and files
  • steam-library-manager - Compact, compress and manage games in Steam, Uplay, Origin libraries
  • sudo - sudo command for Windows CMD and PowerShell
  • sumatrapdf - simple PDF viewer
  • SuperF4 - adds shortcut to kill frozen apps
  • sysinternals - Sysinternals Suite. Different tools for system administrators and advanced users. Process Explorer, Process Monitor, etc.
  • teamviewer - remote administration tool
  • tor-browser - Anonymous and secure web browser
  • transgui - GUI for tramsnission-daemon
  • ungoogled-chromium - Google Chrome without Google and shit
  • vibrance-gui - utility to automatically change vibrancy setting in your display driver per app
  • vortex - mod manager for different games
  • VirusTotalUploader - easy way to check file for viruses online
  • windirstat - Disk usage statistics viewer
  • winscp - SFTP/SCP client
  • wumgr - alternative to Windows Update
  • xmousebuttoncontrol - application to remap your mouse buttons and expand the capabilities of mouse not depending on vendor software
  • youtube-dl - allows mpv to open YouTube videos, youtube downloader

In one line: 7zip bleachbit bulk-carp-uninstaller compactgui ddu dnsjumper easyserviceoptimizer ffmpeg GameSaveManager irfanview joplin megasync multimc mpv mumble nvidia-profile-inspector onlyoffice-desktopeditors openhardwaremonitor playnite processhacker quickcpu ReduceMemory reshade rufus scoop-completion screentogif shadowsocks sharpkeys shutup10 snappy-driver-installer-origin speedtest-cli speedyfox SteamCleaner steam-library-manager sudo sumatrapdf SuperF4 sysinternals teamviewer tor-browser transgui ungoogled-chromium vibrance-gui vortex VirusTotalUploader windirstat winscp wumgr xmousebuttoncontrol youtube-dl


Choco installation: Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

Choco packages

  • clipgrab - proprietary YouTube downloader
  • compactgui - proprietary GUI for Compact.exe
  • debotnet - advanced privacy-oriented tweaker with custom plugins (use carefully!)
  • disable-nvidia-telemetry - tool to disable NVIDIA telemetry and tracking
  • Firefox - Free & Opensource Web browser with optional fingerprinting resistance features
  • gajim - XMPP client
  • geforce-experience - Automatic game configuring regarding to your hardware. Has telemetry, disable using disable-nvidia-telemetry
  • hardentools - fixe potential security holes in Windows
  • icaros - thumbnails for different multimedia and picture types
  • kill-frozen-programs - global hotkey to kill all frozen programs
  • nomachine - remote desktop program based on X2Go sources
  • notepadplusplus - Notepad++ code editor
  • nvidia-display-driver - NVIDIA Display Driver
  • registry-compressor - compress Windows registry to reduce CPU load
  • TCPOptimizer - Utility to optimize Windows network stack
  • Vivaldi - Vivaldi browser. Opera (not Chropera) successor
  • windowsrepair - troubleshoot and fix Windows problems. Works much better than official repair tools

In one line: clipgrab compactgui debotnet disable-nvidia-telemetry Firefox gajim geforce-experience hardentools icaros kill-frozen-programs notepadplusplus nomachine nvidia-display-driver OpenHardwareMonitor registry-compressor TCPOptimizer vivaldi windowsrepair

Manual downloads

  • Hardings Global Push-to-Talk - global Push-To-Talk for Windows
  • Ripcord - Discord client without tracking and shit
  • Steam Desktop Authenticator - Steam Authenticator for desktop, supports trade offers
  • Prio - Process priority saver
  • AddStore for LTSC - add Windows Store for Windows LTSC
  • Parsec - remote control and game streaming tool
  • BaiGfe - patch to use GeForce Experience without logging in
  • TronScript - automated scanning/disinfection/cleanup tools
  • Eithermouse - extremely useful if you want to use more than one mouse on a Windows machine (TrackPoint/Trackball + Regular Mouse, for example)
  • DevManView - allows you to manage Windows devices from the command line