Darkn.Space is a tech collective.

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, darkness must be present.”

—Francis Bacon

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Memberships are currently restricted to invite-only. If you happen to personally know a member of Darkn.Space, contact them and we might consider your membership.


While we are more than happy to offer our service free of charge to several of our members, there is no way we could run Darkn.Space for free.

There are costs associated with hosting, mail and domain and there is a considerable amount of time our team spends to ensure all of our services are running smoothly and operating 24/7.

So, it is only fair that if you use our services and are able to donate you should really do so. Our suggested donation is 5 USD monthly, but if you are able to donate anything at all, no matter how often or how small, please do. We guarantee that every bit of money you send us will be put to a good cause and we appreciate every cent.

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