Recommended Services

All-in-one web portals

  • Framasoft - A lot of FLOSS services, complete Google services replacement. Complete service list. France
  • Disroot - Bunch of free and opensource services. Good email service. Netherlands
  • Riseup - Bunch of free and opensource services, very well-known service, good reputation. Germany.
  • Privacytools - Bunch of free and opensource privacy-oriented services, has a very good Matrix instance.
  • Snopyta - Bunch of free and opensource privacy-oriented services, includes Invidious, RSS-Bridge and other useful web tools
  • LibreOps - Bunch of free and opensource privacy-oriented services, including mail lists, Tor relays, DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS
  • The 5th of July Foundation - Bunch of tools for security, privacy and liberty, based in Sweden
  • Librehost - Big catalog of ethical service providers

Email providers

  • Tutanota - E2E-encrypted email service with minimal logging and metadata encryption
  • Protonmail - E2E-encrypted email service, relies on PGP. Metadata is not encrypted, has logging
  • Riseup - Email from Riseup, zero-knowledge encryption. Compatible with DeltaChat (can be blocked, contact Riseup support if problems occur)
  • Disroot - Email from Disroot. Compatible with DeltaChat (can be blocked, contact Disroot support if problems occur)
  • - Transparent email service with beautiful domain names. Compatible with DeltaChat

File Transfer

  • Firefox Send - encrypted self-destroying file sharing service
  • Tresorit Send - proprietary encrypted file sharing service from Tresorit
  • - simple file sharing service, can be used with gpg from command line



  • Invidious - private YouTube frontend
  • FreeTube - private desktop app for YouTube
  • NewPipe - private Android app for YouTube



  • Bibliogram - private Instagram wrapper with RSS feed
  • Nitter - private Twitter wrapper
  • RSS-Bridge

Search engines

  • DuckDuckGo - famous private search engine. Has !bangs killer-feature. Search results depends on your location, be careful
  • Startpage - kind of like an anonymous proxy for Google Search
  • Qwant - private EU-based search engine
  • Searx - Free & Opensource self-hosted search engine. Unofficial public instances available, f. e. Disroot search

VPN Providers

  • Riseup VPN - free VPN from Riseup
  • PIA - cheap and full-featured VPN provider (up to 10 connections simultaneously)
  • Mullvad - one of the best VPN providers for now, supports double VPN with WireGuard
  • ProstoVPN - $1 cheap VPN
  • UltraSurf - free and fast anonymous encrypted proxy with logging. Works with Wine


  • Outline - simple Shadowsocks setup with your cloud or VPS provider
  • Streisand - all-in-one setup of WireGuard, OpenConnect, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, sslh, Stunnel, or a Tor bridge with your cloud provider or VPS


  • Privacytools - Wiki about privacy-oriented web-services and apps
  • Prism-break - privacy wiki about opting-out of PRISM and XKeyscore
  • PrivacyHaus - beautiful directory of privacy apps