Recommended Browser Addons

Surfing experience

  • DarkReader - dark mode for all websites
  • Decentraleyes - local cache for free CDNs, also protects from CDN tracking
  • Gesturefy - mouse gestures (Firefox only)
  • Simple Translate - quickly translate selected text with Google Translate in popup. Can be not private as it uses Google Translate
  • uBlock Origin - the best way to block advertisements and trackers

Performance improvement

Security and Privacy

  • Cookie AutoDelete - automatically delete cookies when you close tab. Has whitelist and so on
  • HTTPS Everywhere - force encrypts your communication with many major websites
  • Invidition - Replace YouTube links and elements with Invidious, Twitter with Nitter
  • Privacy Badger - automatically blocks tracking pixels and buttons
  • PrivacySpy - simplified privacy policies and privacy policy ratings for websites
  • Terms of Service; Didn't Read - displays popup when you open website with bad ToS
  • Trace - spoofs a lot of fingerprinting-related browser parameters, makes fingerprinting and tracking very difficult and expensive.

Please do not rely on fingerprint-resistance addons and tweaks for anonymity if it's critical for you. It's better to just use Tor Browser without Tor if you care about your digital fingerprint. It's even better to use Whonix to completely hide your fingerprint.

Firefox containers

Consider manually creating a container for VK as there is no working VK container extension for now.

Website improvement